Singing & the Voice

If you're looking into having singing or voice lessons, then you've come to the right place!

It is ultimately the teacher's job to be supportive and work with you at your own pace to bring out the best in your voice in a way that is fun and enjoyable! 


Continue reading if you want to find out what may happen during a lesson.


Why have singing or voice lessons?

Whatever your goals, whether you'd like to start singing as a hobby or to work towards exams in Musical Theatre or Rock and Pop, or perhaps you have a speech or presentation that you want to become confident at, then we can discuss all your goals and set achievable targets in place. 


What will I do in a lesson?

During a lesson you may work on some or all of the following which will have their own exercises and tricks to explore each one:


Breath control and breathing techniques (diaphragm, lungs, lower abdominal muscles)


Articulation and diction

Inflection and Intonation





Sheet Music

Music theory

Acting through song

Body language, gesture and facial expressions


Performance technique

There are so many more areas to look at within the voice and singing and we can go in-depth as much as is required and necessary for each individual.

Notebook and Pencil

What should I bring with me to a lesson?

Just yourself and a willingness to learn! Unless something has been discussed previously to the lesson about what to prepare, materials such as sheet music or backing tracks will be arranged for you. It is also good preparation to bring your own water bottle to stay hydrated. For new starters, a couple of forms will need to be completed by the student, or parent of student if they are under 18 years old for the first lesson.